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Our Snuggle baby care range is specially formulated to be kind to even the most delicate skin, making Snuggle the perfect choice for babies and the whole family. We worked with a leading fragrance house to formulate a bespoke fragrance which is allergen-free so you can trust our products to smell gorgeous without irritating sensitive skin and eyes.  

Snuggle products are free from preservatives and parabens and are, of course, cruelty-free. Snuggle Baby Powder is super soft and gentle on baby’s skin, providing ultimate comfort and dryness. Simply pat onto clean, dry skin for long lasting dryness and soft feeling skin.Available in 220g and 350g, we use only the finest grade of pure white talc with our unique allergen-free fragrance.

Our antibacterial Baby Bottom Balm is super soothing for rapid relief from nappy rash, and is suitable for treating minor rashes, cuts, insect bites and burns. As well as soothing existing outbreaks, our trusted formula contains special antibacterial agents to help protect against further instances of nappy rash. Simply apply to clean, dry skin for maximum comfort and softness.  Available in 225g and 100g.


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